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A project manager depends on a variety of tools to help them do their jobs.

We’ve previously talked about a few different software applications aimed at improving collaboration and productivity in the office. This time out, our eyes are turned on ways to foster online interactivity within a project team without depending on third-party software.

The innovations ushered in by the growth of the Cloud and mobile technology enhance project team collaboration. Let’s take a closer look at a few ideas on how to leverage these techniques on your team. Good luck!

A Cloud-Based Shared Workspace is a Must

A modern technology project might include members residing in the same office, or possibly spread out all over the globe. Wherever their location, creating a cloud-based project workspace easily accessed by all team members is a requirement.

Being able to access project documents on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – ensures workers stay close to their work at all times. This also helps mitigate any issues due to team members being located in different time zones.

The project manager needs to ensure all relevant project documents are stored in this one location. Forcing a project team to look in multiple repositories for what they need only serves to hamper their overall productivity.

Document Management Features Help Track a Project’s Progress

Tacking on version control functionality on top of a document management system helps keep track of the changes to a project’s documentation over time. Proper versioning ensures all team members are able to access the current version of any project document, but are also able to look at previous versions to verify nothing was missed or deleted by mistake.

Commenting on documents also serves as an effective form of collaborative communication. The whole team is able to offer opinions and ideas without resorting to email or messaging apps. This also serves as an alternative to a full-fledged version control system.

A More Open Form of Business Communication

Leveraging these techniques offers project managers a more open and transparent form of communication to keep the entire team on the same page — and no time-consuming, productivity stifling meetings were necessary! Take advantage of the promises of the Cloud and the use of elegant, yet simple functionality to supercharge your project team’s efficiency. Boosting collaboration means boosting productivity.

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