IT Sparking Creativity
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Overall team creativity plays an important part in the eventual success of any technology project.

Finding a unique solution to a problem hampering progress becomes easier when your staff knows how to brainstorm ideas when under pressure. Being able to think outside the box is an important attribute for technology professionals.

But how do you boost the creativity level of an IT project team? Let’s look at a few ideas on how to champion innovative thinking so you can put them into action on your next project. Good luck in your efforts!

It Starts With the Company Culture

A corporate culture that emphasizes innovation and creativity is obviously a great way to foster a creative project team. Giving employees a reason to truly care about the success of project helps ensure everyone is thinking on their feet throughout the endeavor. Additionally, consider involving the entire project team during the planning and requirements stage, as it gives them more stake in the eventual project outcome.

Employee Empowerment Inspires Action

Giving your team members a sense of empowerment helps inspire their creative nature on a project. On the other hand, if everyone is afraid to take risks, creativity is essentially stifled.

Leverage daily standup meetings as a great opportunity for people to speak up and offer their own insights. They shouldn’t let the fear of failure or criticism hamper the project’s progress.

Get Rid of the Red Tape Impacting the Project

A project manager needs to serve as a facilitator, giving their team the space it needs to come up with innovative solutions. If there is any red tape – policies, procedures, etc. impacting the team’s ability to deliver, take the steps to remove it. This involves streamlining any processes that are unwieldy, in addition to the quick approval of out-of-the-box ideas.

Cooperation Instead of Competition

Emphasize the fact that everyone is working together as one team – a project succeeds or fails because of the entire group. Cooperation needs to be the key instead of competition. This helps create an environment where open communication and brainstorming are the focus.

Shield the Team From Negativity

Isolate the team from unwarranted criticism and negativity to ensure an atmosphere that fosters creativity. Some tech professionals are hesitant to offer new ideas if they feel they will merely be shot down. Don’t allow this to happen!

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