Self Development for IT Careers
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We previously talked about a variety of courses aimed at giving project managers the “technical” skills they need to succeed.

Understanding modern methodologies, like Agile, and what it takes to finish IT projects on time and under budget are required knowledge for any PM. There are also a wide variety of soft skills necessary for a long-lasting and successful career in the industry.


Here is a look at a few ideas to help keep your project management career on an upwards trajectory. These insights are sure to make you a more well-rounded technology professional.

Give Yourself an Annual Career Checkup

Take some time each year – January is perfect for this exercise – to review your career plan. If you don’t have a career plan, create one immediately, along with setting a few short-term and long-term goals related to your professional development. Check any progress towards your goals and make adjustments to these as necessary.

Having a formalized process for career planning helps ensure you stay on the right path towards success.

Periodically Review Professional Accomplishments

Reviewing any previous work-related accomplishments is another important part of tracking your career progress. After every project, make it a point to document what you’ve learned as well as any other of the undertaking’s positives and negatives. In essence, you are creating a personal PMBOK to use as a valuable reference resource throughout your career.

Examine the Trends of the Technology Industry

The high-tech business world is evolving on a constant basis. IT project managers need to be proactive when it comes to analyzing the myriad shifts of the technology industry. Keep abreast of any tech or methodologies changes that may affect your work or your career planning.

You never want your skill set to become obsolete, so stay at the forefront of the latest innovations in the field, and update your career educational plans accordingly.

Research Educational and Training Opportunities

Speaking of educational planning, make it a point to peruse the latest available educational and training resources related to both project management and technology. The PMI offers a host of valuable programs and courses for project managers. Also consider what’s available at a local or online university.

An advanced degree definitely helps to put your career on a fast track to the executive suite. Consider earning an MBA to go with a technical degree, as they nicely compliment each other.

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