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With February now in full force, taking stock of the national technology employment landscape for the upcoming year becomes a great idea.

The IT job market features a strong demand for talent, as companies of all sizes hope to achieve their business goals with a variety of tech initiatives. Project managers, developers, network engineers, and database administrators are some of the roles that have organizations ramping up their hiring efforts.

Whether you expect to look for a new position in the next 12 months, or your organization needs a fresh infusion of high tech talent, here is a look at a few national IT employment trends for 2017. Use this information as part of your planning for the upcoming year.

The Battle for Technology Talent gets Fierce

With technology employment expected to grow in 2017 by at least 12 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), expect companies to increase their recruiting efforts to ensure they are able to hire the brightest candidates. In fact, with the BLS predicting that 12 percent annual growth until 2024, this acute need for talented IT professionals won’t lessen for years.

A misguided hiring plan raises the specter of a skills gap hampering the productivity and growth of organizations that depend on technology. This places the onus on HR teams to do what it takes to attract great candidates for interviews. Companies of all sizes need to improve their company culture to keep their best tech employees professionally satisfied.

Employers taking the Steps to attract and retain IT Workers

These facts are reflected in a few recent employment-related surveys. Industry pundit, Dan Schawbel, highlighted a survey noting 60 percent of candidates mentioned a poor experience when applying for a position. A different study of HR professionals noted 83 percent commenting how employee experience plays a large role in their company’s success, with over half reporting additional investments in training and workplace design.

“With all of this competition for talent, an entire 90% of employers anticipate more competition for talent. This is why you will see an even greater emphasis on the employee experience in 2017 because companies are being forced to focus more on corporate culture and values than pay in order to retain employees”, said Schawbel.

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