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While a great résumé helps you earn an interview for a project manager position, your performance when actually meeting with the company in question plays a bigger factor in a potential job offer.

Since PMs need exemplary communication skills when under fire, you need to be on top of your game. Honing your interview skills give you the best chance at the job of your dreams.

Here are a few insights and ideas on project manager job interview preparation. Leverage these tips to ensure you give it your best shot and are rewarded with a job offer. Good luck!

Spend Time Studying Your Own Professional Experience

The night before the interview – or even earlier – study the work history section of your résumé. Focus on previous projects you managed – both the successful and unsuccessful ones – and be able to describe in detail your contribution to their ultimate outcome. This information needs to be at the front of your mind, so you won’t stumble over things during the interview.

Additionally, expect to be asked about your experience with different project methodologies, like Agile, as well as any PM software you use to make everything run more efficiently. Be prepared to discuss how you leverage any tool to improve the productivity level of your team.

Research the Company With Whom You Are Interviewing

Expect to be given the opportunity to ask a question or two about the company in question. Use this chance to show off your research of their business by showing insight in your line of questioning. If this leads to a discussion on their project management style, you will gain a better understanding of whether this company makes a good fit for your career.

Interview Practice is Vital

Practicing gives you the best chance to hone your interview skills. Get one of your professional colleagues to serve as the interviewer, and coach them on how to ask the difficult questions – and follow-ups – that offer the best possible simulation of the real thing. Make it a point to work on your body language, speaking clearly and keeping natural eye contact without staring.

Treat a practice interview like a dress rehearsal – this means wearing professional attire and paying close attention to your grooming. When the big day arrives, you will be prepared to give your best performance, and a job offer will be yours in the near future.

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