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A well-written and easy to read technical résumé is an important part of any job search – the project manager role is no exception.

Considering the fact that hiring managers look through potentially hundreds of applicants before deciding on a few worth interviewing, your résumé needs to stand out from the pack. One filled with grammatical errors and poor design gets your resume placed in the circular file.

Here are a few tips on crafting a winning résumé when looking for a new project management position. Leverage these insights to earn that interview chance.

Brevity Is Vital With a CV

Even if you possess a copious amount of PM experience, try to limit the length of your résumé to two or three pages at the most (preferably two). Remember the poor hiring manager charged with reviewing a host of management candidates. When faced with a CV that’s too long, they may simply decide to not consider that person. Brevity is important!

 A Clear, Easy-to-Read Format

Don’t go overboard with different fonts or odd formatting on your résumé. Keep things straightforward – a sans-serif font, like Arial, works great for a project manager CV. Ultimately, the most important thing is to craft something that’s clear and easy to read.

Highlight Relevant Skills and Abilities

Include a section with keywords denoting your technical skills and the software packages you normally use – hiring managers like to quickly see what you know at a glance. Additionally, the use of keywords gets the online version of your résumé – on LinkedIn and other websites – noticed by HR staff using a search engine to find qualified candidates.

Show Tangible Evidence in Your Work History

Fill the professional experience section of your résumé with tangible examples of the positive impacts you made as a project manager. In this case, “tangible” means facts and figures. Potential employers want to know how your PM skills brought projects to a successful conclusion ahead of schedule and under budget.

Work With a Talented Tech Recruiter to Get It Right!

Partnering with a talented and experienced technology recruiter is a great way to get your résumé reviewed by an expert. They can help ensure it’s the right length and highlights the most important aspects of your skill set and experience. When you earn that interview, they are also able to help you practice for the big day.

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