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The Boston area enjoys one of the most vibrant and active technology scenes in the Northeast, if not the entire country.

A large university community means the flow of innovative thoughts and fresh IT talent never stops. Both technology professionals looking for a new opportunity, or companies hoping to set up shop benefit from taking a closer look at Boston.  With an informed opinion on the Boston IT community in mind, here are a few emerging technology trends worthy of your analysis. Maybe the Massachusetts area warrants a future visit to explore its numerous high-tech opportunities?

Automation emerging throughout the IT Industry

Many Boston technology firms, especially those following the Agile methodology and DevOps organizational structure, are relying on automated processes to gain additional efficiencies. Companies hoping to use DevOps as a pathway to achieve a continuous delivery software deployment model leverage automated builds and test scripts to achieve this rapid rate of change.

Process automation in the form of ERP software, like SAP or Microsoft Dynamics, allows companies to streamline back-end functionality, improving their organization’s operational efficiency. Tech pros with experience in these areas will find copious employment opportunities in the Boston area.

Salaries on the Increase in Boston

Employee compensation in the Boston region – including those working in the technology field – continue on an upwards trend, according to PayScale. Wage growth for the first quarter of 2017 is at 0.8 percent and is up by an amount of 12.7 percent since 2006. Both of these numbers are higher than the national average.

Big Data Analytics not only for the Enterprise

Leveraging data analytics to wean actionable business information out of masses of Big Data is no longer the sole domain of the large enterprise. Increasingly medium-sized businesses in Boston are taking advantage of data analysis tools to gain an advantage over the competition. These additional insights help improve operational efficiency and ultimately an organization’s bottom line.

5G Wireless Internet

Mobile technology continues to revolutionize the business world. 5G wireless technology is an emerging standard expected to be commonplace by the end of the decade. Verizon Wireless is testing their 5G technology in Boston, with hopes to gradually improve upon the 4G service currently offered in the region.

Expect businesses to leverage 5G and the Cloud to enable their employees to easily stay connected to company technical resources and applications on a mobile basis.

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