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As more millennials enter the technology workforce, they are causing an impact throughout the industry.

Older generations may hold their own opinions of these younger workers, while in many cases, millennials themselves simply feel misunderstood. Successfully managing this new collection of IT talent requires an open mind and some different techniques. Here is a primer on how to get the most out of this younger generation. Hopefully, these insights help ensure an efficient and productive technology organization – from the “Baby Boomers” to “The Millennial Generation.” Good luck in your efforts!

Millennials thrive on Teamwork and Collaboration

Various studies reveal millennial technology workers enjoy working on teams. This affinity makes them highly suitable for companies embracing Agile and/or the DevOps organizational structure. Hiring managers at these organizations need to keep this fact in mind when looking to fill positions for an upcoming project.

Provide Structure, Leadership, and Guidance

Millennials appreciate a structured environment with strong leadership. Direct managers should work with them to set meaningful goals on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Invest in providing the right guidance and constructive feedback so they are able to reach these milestones and continue to develop their careers.

Offer a Chance to display their Leadership Acumen

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in many millennials, with a significant number hoping to start their own company or at least move into a senior management role. Providing the opportunities to develop their leadership potential plays an important part in retaining their services over time. Encourage this attitude to help build a company culture known for fostering the growth of talented professionals.

Listen to their Opinions and Insight

Giving all your employees a platform to offer their own opinions and insight is the sign of a healthy organization. Millennials especially hold strong views on the operations of a technology company. Ignoring or disregarding their thoughts could make them look elsewhere for another opportunity.

They want a Strong Work/Life Balance

Millennial employees want to work for organizations known for allowing their staff to properly balance their personal and professional lives. As such, consider offering flexible scheduling and telecommuting as extra perks. They don’t mind mixing work with home on occasion, but rarely feel their profession is a priority over their personal life.

Ultimately, no matter what stereotypes apply to an entire generation, it is important to remember treating each employee as a respected individual remains paramount.

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