Tips and Tricks for Working Remotely
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More technology companies are allowing their employees to work from home during some or even all of the week. Other organizations regularly augment their IT staff with freelance contractors working remotely. If being able to telecommute is something you want as part of your tech career, taking the right steps to ensure your success is a must. With a productive career as an IT telecommuter in mind, here are a few tips to start you off on the right foot. Soon, you could be more productive at home than you ever were in the office. Good luck!

A Dedicated Home Office – with a Door

Having a dedicated area to serve as a home office helps you focus your efforts on staying productive. A door to block any distractions – family, pets, etc. – is another plus. Check with your tax accountant to see if any of your home office furniture and equipment results in a tax break.

Follow a Regular Schedule

Keeping regular work hours helps you maintain a proper work/life balance, which can be difficult for telecommuters. Work with your managers to come up with a schedule that facilitates communication and collaboration with the rest of the team.

Tangible Goals are Important

Since your boss isn’t able to look over your shoulder to see if you’re staying busy, having a set of measurable goals is important for telecommuters. This becomes easier if your company uses a version of the Agile methodology, with its sharply-defined work cycles.

Chatbots will become your Friend

Many technology companies leverage chatbots to foster communication among their tech staff, on-premise and remote. Chatbots also serve as an interface to run builds, tests, and manage network environments. In short, they help telecommuters stay productive.

Regular Communication is Key

Communication becomes even more important for remote workers. Leveraging chatbots helps you stay in contact while keeping productive, but be sure to regularly communicate with managers, business stakeholders, and other team members using email. An occasional trip to office – if local – also helps you stay in the loop.

Stay off Social Media while Working

Having a home office with a door goes for naught if you are consistently distracted by social media during working hours. Save your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter time for after hours. Focus on work when following your normal schedule.

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