DevOps Hiring Trends
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DevOps continues to make inroads throughout the technology industry. Companies familiar with newer methodologies, like Agile, see the DevOps organizational structure as a pathway to achieve continuous deployment – the Holy Grail for businesses dependent on software in a competitive business world.

Focused on collaboration and automation, it simply lets organizations accomplish more in less time. What follows is an analysis of the latest DevOps hiring trends in the IT world. Does it make sense for your company to retrain its current staff, hire experienced DevOps talent from outside, or a mixture of both? Let’s take a closer look.

The Need for DevOps Experience Grows

As DevOps becomes more widely adopted, demand for technology professionals experienced with it continues to grow. In fact, some organizations are finding it difficult to find and hire the right talent for their DevOps implementation.

As technology continues to become more complex through its iterations, teams need to be able to adapt faster in order to meet the needs of business.  This involves the collection of relevant metrics, building tools into an infrastructure that will have measurable outcomes and planning for more capacity.

While new employees often bring good outside perspectives to an organization, culture fit is increasingly important for team buy-in.  DevOps heavily depends on by-in from the team to execute and trouble shoot while not pointing fingers in order to build consensus  on larger decisions.  So, can the balance of looking internally and hiring externally be found?

A Mixture of DevOps Training and New Hires

Many leading technology training companies now offer coursework specializing in DevOps. A smart approach for businesses to consider involves giving their network administrators and application engineers training in DevOps, while gradually transitioning the organizational structure of the IT department into something focused on collaboration. The use of automated tools to handle network management as well as software testing and builds is another must.

Combining this internal training with the hiring of new employees experienced in DevOps offers the best of both worlds. Your current employees receive the necessary training while being able to work closely with technology professionals already experienced in this new way of working.

Developing Your Team

Jez Humble presented the Secrets of High Performing Teams: Science Edition at the GOTO 2016 Conference in Copenhagen and the depth of knowledge, statistics, and conclusions provide thought provoking considerations as you work to put together a collaborating productive team.

Are you building your team?

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