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With more people conducting banking and other eCommerce transactions online, the stakes have been raised for cloud-based security. The fact that organizations of all sizes continue to move their technical infrastructures to the cloud only increases the importance of cybersecurity.

Companies need to make the right investment in talent, policies and hardware to keep hackers out. What follows is a look at the future of cloud security given the current environment where stories of cybercrime fill the news daily. Leverage this information to ensure your organization properly protects its IT resources.

A Cloud Security Skills Gap Hampers Adoption

The inability to find talented and experienced cloud security professionals is causing some companies to delay their adoption of a cloud-based infrastructure. This is one of the findings of a recent cloud security report by McAfee. According to the report, 49 percent of surveyed companies feel a cybersecurity skills gap warrants going more slowly with the cloud.

Since another finding from the same survey reveals 80 percent of IT budgets will be earmarked for cloud-based services and infrastructures by the end of 2018, this skills gap needs to be closed quickly. Organizations need to combine hiring experienced security professionals with the training of their current network administration staff.

The Public Cloud Isn’t Trusted

Currently, most organizations still don’t trust the public cloud, with only 23 percent of surveyed firms reporting confidence their data will remain secure on these services. However, this number is up from the 13 percent noted in the previous year’s McAfee survey.

Cloud providers continuing to invest in IT security training and infrastructure is expected to improve this trust over time. This prediction is highlighted by the percentage of companies distrusting the cloud in general decreasing from 50 to 29 percent over the past year.

Fully Integrated or Unified Cybersecurity Solutions Are the Future

The McAfee survey discovered companies that invest in fully integrated or unified cybersecurity solutions across multiple platforms tend to trust storing sensitive data on public cloud services more than the firms without those same investments. The lack of integrated security keeps this trust percentage in the single digits compared to the nearly 50 percent of the firms with integrated and unified security.

Ultimately, the short-term future in cloud security lies in companies making the investments in training and integrated security solutions to ensure vital data stays protected from hackers and other nefarious agents.

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