Tips and Tricks for IT Candidates
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Congratulations on your desire to enter the technology field. Whether you are a graduate fresh out of school or someone making a midstream career change, a challenging and ultimately rewarding professional life awaits you.

Nonetheless, it is important to hit the ground running when beginning an IT career – slackers need not apply! With a successful start to your career in mind, here are a few ideas and insights worthy of consideration. Leverage this advice before getting hired, on your first day in the office, and beyond. Good luck!

1) A Professional Social Media Presence is a Must

If you haven’t already, create an account on LinkedIn, the social network for professionals. Treat your LinkedIn profile as an online version of your résumé; always keeping it up to date with your latest accomplishments and technical skills. Additionally, reach out to other professionals with a similar technical specialty as yours – this includes companies where you’d like to work!

At the same time, pay close attention to your privacy settings on other social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Recruiters will likely research you after receiving an application, so make sure there are no embarrassing photos or posts accessible to the public. In short, your carefree college days are now over.

2) Don’t forget Interview Practice

Practicing before an interview is vital if you want to eventually earn a job offer. Take care to work on speaking clearly, displaying positive body language, and making natural eye contact. Spend time going over your own technical background – including any internships – while also researching the company in question so you can ask an insightful question when prompted.

3) Advice for Your First Day at the Office

Be ready to meet and greet your new coworkers on your first day at the job. Consider bringing in bagels or donuts to get things off on the right foot. Don’t feel shy about tagging along with the team for lunch or even an after-hours social event.

Spend some time with your manager to create a set of goals covering your first weeks and months on the job. After accepting an offer, ask about acquiring any technical documentation and other related information so you are better prepared on “Day One.” It’s important to become a valued and productive employee as quickly as possible.

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