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Search engine optimization – better known as SEO – is no longer the sole domain of Internet-based content providers. When embarking on a job search in the technology industry, you need to use SEO techniques to give your résumé the best chance at getting noticed by a hiring manager.

HR personnel increasingly rely on searching the Web to find qualified candidates for their open IT positions. With an eye towards attracting the most attention when you are looking for a tech job, here are a few tips on how to leverage SEO to boost your chances at an interview – and a job offer. Good luck!

Keywords, Keywords, and more Keywords

Keywords are the basis of SEO. Sprinkle a few throughout your résumé when detailing your technical skills – also put them in a separate section to optimize readability for a hiring manager. They are also useful in your work history section, especially when explaining the tangible impacts you’ve made for previous employers.

Additionally, spend some time researching what keywords are currently popular in the industry. Check out the LinkedIn profiles of fellow professionals with a similar career path as yours for additional insights.

The Résumé Headline is Important

A catchy title or headline helps boost an article’s search engine potential and this same concept also applies to your résumé. Take the time to craft a memorable headline that also uses a keyword or two related to the open position of interest to you. The fact a memorable headline also catches the eye of a hiring manager is another bonus boosting your job search chances.

Work with your recruiter to come up with a suitable headline if you are having difficulty writing your own.

Don’t forget to include some Relevant Hyperlinks

Including a few relevant hyperlinks is another SEO technique you need to add to your arsenal before beginning to look for a new technology position. If you publish a blog related to your professional life, include a link or two to any articles relevant to your candidacy. Better yet, anything that’s been published in an industry magazine or trade journal definitely boosts your chances at finding a great job – companies like to hire thought leaders!

Double check your links to ensure their relevancy before posting your résumé. When updating it, verify the links still work.

Are you looking for a new IT job?

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