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Trying to stay productive throughout the holiday season is difficult for many technology professionals. Completing your project work on time and under budget becomes more of a struggle considering the distractions from Thanksgiving through New Years.

You can’t expect your company to give everyone a paid vacation in December, so figuring out how to boost your productivity level is a must.

With a successful end of the year in mind, here are a few tips for maximizing your time during the Holidays. Good luck in your efforts!

Tip #1: Create a Special Plan for the 4th Quarter

Around Labor Day, spend some time devising a plan to guide you through the final three months of the year. Include any tasks from your personal life that need to be handled by the end of December. Just going through the effort to create this “roadmap” better prepares you to manage your time when juggling project work with your task list at home.

Tip #2: Focus your Mind on Work when in the Office

Your time when at the office needs to be spent wisely. Minimize any distractions caused by watercooler chat sessions, extra long lunches, and web surfing. Always keep your mind focused on work-related tasks, so you are able to finish sprints and meet other deadlines ahead of schedule, especially in October and November.

Tip #3: Work with your Project Manager on Scheduling

You want to complete any important project milestones before Thanksgiving week, if possible. Work with your project manager or Scrum Master to consider this approach when building the project timeline. They – along with the rest of the project team and business stakeholders – probably have similar concerns for completing most of the heavy lifting before December.

Everyone should be amenable to doing extra work to get the project ahead of schedule before the craziness of the holiday season arrives!

Tip #4: Finish your Holiday Shopping before Thanksgiving

Simply making the effort to complete all of your Christmas shopping before December helps free up some extra time for your professional life. It also removes one rather large distraction, letting you focus your mind on work. Additionally, buying holiday gifts throughout the year lets you take advantage of any sales without having to worry about the hassles of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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