Cloud Pros and Cons
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Cloud computing continues to be one of the most dominant trends affecting the technology industry.

Companies of all sizes leverage a variety of Cloud-based services to offload formerly in-house IT functions with an eye towards cutting costs while focusing more on the core operations of their business. This migration has created a boom for enterprises providing these services, especially some of the biggest names in the marketplace, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Here is a closer look at some of the pros and cons of Cloud adoption for any business. Leverage these insights before making a decision on the future of your own company’s technical infrastructure.

The Cost Savings of Cloud Computing

Organizations hoping to save on their technical infrastructure costs increasingly use Cloud services instead of spending on an on-premise solution. This approach also provides an environmental benefit for companies hoping to “go green.” Additional flexibility around budget time is another benefit, as Cloud providers are able to easily scale up services to meet customer demand.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Planning for disaster recovery is a time-consuming task for any business. When your technical infrastructure and valuable data are off-loaded to a Cloud provider, they are the ones who handle this important issue. This is especially helpful for SMBs without enough resources for a proper disaster recovery program.

Enhanced Collaboration

The smart technology company thrives on communication and collaboration in this era of Agile and DevOps. When using a tablet or laptop with a Cloud-based service, your employees stay connected to their work on a 24/7 basis, no matter their location. This enhanced interaction improves the operational efficiency of the business, while offering your employees the chance to telecommute – an important perk when looking to hire the best young talent.

A Secure Computing Environment

Cloud services are generally secure, giving your organization the peace of mind it needs when hacking incidents seem to hit the news on a weekly basis. If one of your employees computing devices is hacked or lost, any important data is able to be wiped remotely.

Although, depending on the nature of your business, governance requirements may dictate maintaining all data in-house. Keep this potential “con” in mind before making a final decision on the adoption of the Cloud at your company. Ultimately, the advantages of the Cloud outweigh the disadvantages.

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