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If embarking on a technology job search you really need to do your homework when applying for any open position. This includes understanding the job’s designation and specific qualifications, especially in the IT world with its myriad of different skills and abilities.

It is important not to waste your own effort and the time of the hiring manager by sending an application for a position that doesn’t match your experience.

With the hopes of a successful result when looking for a job, here are a few reasons why you need to prepare before applying and when called in for an interview.

Understand the Job Designations before sending your Résumé

Simply emailing your résumé to a hundred different tech companies with open positions before taking the time to research each and every one is simply a poor strategy. As noted earlier, you are wasting the time of the hiring manager as well as your own energy. If a company wants someone with Java experience and you are a C# developer, chances are good your application ends up in the virtual recycle bin.

Pay close attention to the specific technical requirements of an open position, including experience in certain programming languages, networking tools, databases, and more. If the company wants someone with five years of experience, don’t apply if you only have three! This same concept applies to newer methodologies like Agile or DevOps – don’t expect a company to hire and train you if you’re not experienced in these areas.

Expect to be questioned during your Technical Interview

During your initial interview, as well as any follow-up technical interviews, expect a thorough vetting of your experience and tech skills as they relate to their job qualifications. Spend time the night before your interview reviewing your experience and be prepared to explain how you’ve used these skills to make a positive impact for previous employers. Questions aimed at all aspects of the job designation are a guarantee.

In short, your technical abilities and experience need to match the qualifications of the open position. While this seems like an obvious concept, many applicants simply apply for too many positions without analyzing whether they have what the company truly needs. Work with your recruiter to ensure you only aim for those jobs where you have a good chance at getting hired.

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