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DevOps and information security continue to be two of the hottest trends in the IT industry.

Companies look to the former to make their software development process more efficient and productive, while the latter is growing in importance due to the current scourge of hackers and other nefarious cybercriminals. Naturally, a forward-looking enterprise needs to consider combining both programs to ensure its technical infrastructure stays productive – and secure.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons your business should explore implementing DevSecOps. Hopefully, these insights help you make the right choice.

The Importance of Information Security

Hackers now consider software development companies as a worthy target for their cybercriminal activity. If they are able to insert malware into your build process or deployed web application, every customer who uses your software becomes a victim. The hit to the company’s reputation is massive, especially in an era when bad news goes viral in an instant.

Making information security an equal part in a triad with software development and operations is a must for any technology company involved in application engineering. This way every developer and network administrator places security considerations at the forefront of their mind when writing code and deploying applications. In essence, security becomes everyone’s responsibility.

Steps to merge Software Development, Security, and Operations

Companies all across the IT industry are seeing the need to add information security to their DevOps program. If you are considering this path for your business, consider that implementing DevSecOps requires a similar cultural effort within an organization as when switching to Agile or even DevOps itself. If your shop already uses these modern methodologies, adding security to the mix becomes an easier process.

The same interaction and communication between teams required when a DevSecOps program is running smoothly also helps when first initiating the program. Industry veterans recommend holding a three-day brainstorming session, involving various stakeholders from different teams in the company. This helps foster a sense of community while ensuring all relevant security considerations get handled within the existing DevOps framework.

A smaller pilot project is fine at the beginning, but definitely plan on a full DevSecOps implementation as quickly as possible. Today’s interconnected world puts the onus on businesses to ensure their information security considerations are a priority.

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