Ethical Hacking White Hat
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Cybercrime continues to cause adverse effects across the entire business world, with the asset management space also seeing problems due to these nefarious activities.

Companies in a variety of industries fight this scourge in a variety of ways, including the use of ethical hacking. This technique allows companies to vet the quality of their cybersecurity, helping to keep their systems safe from cybercriminals.

Let’s take a closer look at the practice as it relates to organizations in the financial and asset management worlds. You might gain an insight or two to help your own company’s cybersecurity initiatives.

A High-Level Overview of Ethical Hacking

Over the last few years, ethical hacking has grown in importance, largely because of the increase in cybercriminal activity. The scope of the problem really hit home after Avast, developers of cybersecurity software, suffered a hacking incursion subsequently infecting the computers of users who installed their antivirus application. Of course, the financial industry also reported similar incidents, which ended up putting client assets at risk.

Ethical hackers are cybersecurity professionals able to leverage penetration testing to attempt to gain access to a computer system. The ultimate point of this activity involves checking the quality of a system’s data security. In fact, the technique now sees such wide use today IT pros are able to earn an industry certification as a “Certified Ethical Hacker.”

In addition to its use in the business world, the Federal Government also accepts the CEH designation, and some government positions – including with the Department of Defense – require candidates to possess this certification.

Ethical Hacking Considerations for the Financial Industry

Financial companies interested in ramping up their cybersecurity efforts need to consider ethical hacking when interviewing candidates for an open position. Remember, this technique only makes up a portion of any asset management company’s full arsenal of cybersecurity protection. Still, it is especially vital for ensuring the security of any financial services organization’s online portal.

GIAC offers a variety of cybersecurity certifications – including some covering ethical hacking techniques – suitable for technical professionals working in the financial industry. The group is recognized across the business and government communities for their work in information security. They help asset management organizations up their game against unethical hackers.

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