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Automation remains one of the most important technology innovations of the last decade. For instance, if your organization wants to follow the principles of DevOps, expect automated tools and processes to become an essential part of your operations.

It continues to be a competitive differentiator between the top companies in the field and those merely treading water. Let’s explore a few of the reasons your company needs to embrace automation to stay relevant in a changing technology world. Leverage these insights to keep your firm’s future a positive one.

Automation fosters Predictability

In the modern business landscape, companies struggle to achieve an advantage over the competition. In the past, humans played the leading role in managing server migrations, deploying code into a production, and so on. Sometimes the final result ended up different than expected, reducing the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

Introducing automation to the equation makes these operations more predictable. Code gets deployed with no errors; virtual environments automatically migrate to other servers based on network traffic, and the business enjoys a boost in overall production. In essence, predictability is good for business.

Inconsistency makes it Difficult to Troubleshoot Problems

A near opposite of predictability, inconsistency hampers the technology operations at many organizations stuck in the old ways of doing things. Trying to troubleshoot the nature of problem becomes more difficult when dealing with poorly documented code or server configurations. Handling these tasks in an automated fashion helps software engineers and network administrators do their jobs better.

When it comes to the software development process, keeping manual changes out of the equation enhances the portability of code between development, QA, and production environments. Automation plays a key role in companies reaching the speed necessary to achieve continuous deployment, which remains the gold standard for organizations implementing the DevOps model.

Aliza Earnshaw, from the DevOps experts, Puppet Labs, commented on the advantage provided by automation at technology companies. “So using automation makes it much easier to establish standard methods and protocols for doing IT work. You can rely with confidence on the outcome of your processes, because they’re predictable,” said Earnshaw.

Ultimately, leveraging automation helps tech companies achieve the velocity they need to compete in the modern business world. It’s essential.

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