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The dawning of a new year brings with it a time to take stock of the IT industry’s hiring outlook in both Boston and the entire nation. With the economy still trending upwards, companies in a variety of industries hope to add tech talent over the next 12 months.

Data science and information security are only two of the technology areas still expected to grow in 2018. What follows is a quick analysis of the tech hiring outlook over the next year. Leverage this information to stay better prepared for the New Year and what lies beyond.

Hottest Areas in Technology for 2018

The financial industry reins supreme in the Boston area, and local companies expect to add to their IT talent pool throughout the upcoming year. This essentially continues the trend from 2017. With cybersecurity staying in the news, information security professionals remain highly in demand at finance companies in Boston as well as the rest of the country.

Essentially, any business either with a public-facing website or offering eCommerce services needs to take the steps to ensure a safe experience to their customers. Expect these companies to compete on the hiring of IT pros experienced in cyber security in the next year. Boston businesses – especially those in the financial space – are also predicted to follow this trend.

What Skills are Boston CIOs looking for in 2018?

A recent study noted the difficulty of sourcing talented IT candidates in Boston – 64 percent of area executives feel this way. Nearly 20 percent of local CIOs expect to add to their technical staff in 2018, while another two-thirds plan on filling vacant roles on their team. These tech execs are searching for a wide array of technology skills; ranging from the traditional to the state of the art.

Nearly one-half of local companies are in the market for professionals experienced in database management. This reflects the growing importance of data science across the industry. Cloud-based services continue to grow in adoption rate; a fact highlighted by the 46 percent of Boston firms looking for talent in this area.

Additionally, 44 percent of local organizations are searching for IT pros with experience in wireless network computing management. Keep these latest trends in mind as you plan to grow your business and/or your career in 2018.

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