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One concept reigns supreme in any technology professional’s career – your learning never ends. It is important to keep adding fresh skills in an industry where new innovations appear on a yearly basis while others fall by the wayside.

IT pros who stagnate find it difficult to gain new employment when the time comes. What follows is an analysis of some of the hottest skills in demand at companies throughout the tech world. Make sure you add a few of these to your résumé to ensure your career continues on an upwards path.

Programming Skill in Python and Java

Software engineers skilled in Java continue to be in high-demand – just like the rest of the 21st Century. One even older programming language, Python, now ranks near Java because of its wide use in the realm of data science. As companies invest more in weaning actionable information out of their data, expect this trend to continue.

Programmers need to consider adding Python to their skill set.

Cloud-based Services continue to be the Rage

As more companies eschew their in-house technical infrastructures in favor of a Cloud-based solution, this creates a robust demand for network engineers experienced in the Cloud. Organizations leveraging DevOps in the hopes of achieving continuous delivery of software also depend on Cloud servers to reach the velocity required by CD. Be sure to highlight any Cloud-based experience on your résumé.

SQL Experience still needed in IT

Even with a variety of NoSQL databases gaining favor in the tech world, the ability to construct a SQL query is still necessary. This skill also holds relevance for anyone working as a data scientist or a software engineer. Brush up on your SQL and database skills to give yourself the best chance at landing a new job in the technology industry.

HTML and Web UI Skills

The eCommerce explosion continues to place the onus on companies in this space to build easy to use and attractive websites. Experience in HTML, especially the latest version, HTML5, helps get your foot in the door at many of these high tech firms. Additional user interface skills, including CSS and JavaScript programming, are also vital when searching for web development positions.

Work with your trusted recruiter to ensure you emphasize the hottest tech skills in your candidacy.

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