Tips for Negotiating Salary IT Jobs
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The end of your technology job search is nigh. A great résumé, thoughtful cover letter and a few exemplary interview performances resulted in you receiving a job offer from a top tech company. Now, the difficult part of the process begins as you negotiate a salary and benefits package with your potential new employer.

Here are a few tips worth checking out before accepting any offer of employment. Leverage these insights to ensure you end up being paid what you’re worth – including a robust set of benefits.

#1) Determine How Much “Wiggle Room” Exists

Try to find out how much leeway exists after the company makes their initial offer. Arm yourself ahead of time with the average salary for the tech role in question as well as the local cost of living index. Your IT recruiter is a good source for insight into this information. Knowledge is power!

#2) What about Stock Options?

If the tech company is a startup, stock options might be part of your compensation package. Keep this in mind during the negotiation. Accepting a lower salary is fine provided these options are available. In fact, they may be more lucrative in the long run.

#3) “Patience, Grasshopper”

Now is not the time to simply accept any offer placed in front of you. Take the time to review everything – salary, benefits, company culture, and your interest level in the position. Waiting to give your answer may even result in a higher level of compensation.

#4) Be sure to get the Details in Writing

Remember, accepting a verbal offer is one thing, but ask to see the full offer in writing before giving your formal acceptance. Nearly all reputable companies provide job offers in contract form. Keep this in mind before signing your name on the dotted line.

#5) Don’t Stop the Process once you receive an Offer

Just because you received an offer doesn’t mean to cancel other interviews and stop your job search process. Perhaps another great opportunity becomes available while still negotiating? Only inform other companies of your status change once you officially accept a job offer in writing.

Following these simple tips helps ensure the best possible result for you and your career.

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