Best Places for IT Jobs 2018
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Whether you are a fresh graduate just beginning a technology career or an industry veteran with tangible experience, it helps to know the hottest places in the country for IT work.

A willingness to relocate obviously offers greater opportunities to you. However, some areas of the United States provide more chances at a top position compared to others. What follows is a look at a few of the best regions in the U.S. for technology employment. We’ll also focus on the copious opportunities in Boston and New England. Leverage these ideas to put your IT career on a path to success!

Seattle and Silicon Valley are Tech Employment Giants

It comes as no surprise that Seattle and the Bay Area remain two of the top places in America for technology professionals. Seattle boasts Microsoft, still one of the largest tech companies in the world. Amazon and Boeing also add to a regional climate favorable for IT employment.

In fact, the Puget Sound area saw a 43 percent increase in technology jobs over the past decade. The local economy tends to be less affected by recessions than other regions of the country.

The Bay Area and Silicon Valley is still one of the most important technology regions in the country. Giant organizations like Apple and Facebook are one thing, but a multitude of tech businesses of all sizes also need fresh talent on a regular basis. The area’s high cost of living, however, requires you to consider any relocation. Ensure your potential salary factors this into account.

Boston and New England’s Thriving Tech Economy

The U.S. Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics consistently ranks the Boston area near the top of the best places in America for tech employment. A recent survey of local CIOs notes 20 percent expect to add to their IT staff in 2018, while nearly two-thirds find it difficult to find technology talent. In short, the demand for great IT professionals remains high.

The area typically competes with New York City for the title “Silicon Valley of the East.” Chances for work in the finance and healthcare sectors especially abound. In addition to copious opportunities for tech work, Boston is known as a great place to live. It offers excellent schools, arts, music, and sports; providing IT pros a well-balanced life.

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