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Companies need to be proactive when fostering an office culture attractive to technology talent. It’s a competitive world out there and demand for the top software engineers remains high.

The success of your business depends on hiring – and retaining – the right IT employees to boost both efficiency and productivity. In short, building a pipeline able to attract and hire great programmers and other tech pros is vital. Here are a few tips and insights to accomplish just that. Leverage these ideas to put your organization ahead of its competition.

Grow your Presence within the Developer Community

Simply cold-calling programmer candidates rarely brings in the tech talent your company needs. Instead, consider hosting a coding challenge in your city. This helps get the word out about your firm to local developers and QA personnel. A presence at developer conferences is another must when trying to attract top software engineers.

Charitable Activities get your Company Noticed

Non-profit and charitable organizations regularly need technical assistance. Stay active in your local community by engaging programming resources – both your employees and other developers – to help out non-profits.

This offers multiple benefits. Most importantly, charities get the help they need and your organization also gets to network with other software developers in your city.

Use Testing to find the Best Programmer Talent

Even with an overall shortage in software engineers, an HR team can become inundated with résumés for an open position. Making candidates take a quick programming test helps you to better focus on the best programmers able to help your team. The coding challenge mentioned earlier also serves well in this regard.

A More Meaningful Interview Process

Moving away from a typical interview style offers the best chance to truly vet a programming candidate. Consider letting them shadow one of your current employees during a portion of their workday. Allowing their potential coworkers get a feel for their skills and personality lets you see if they would make a good fit on your team.

Work with your Staffing Agency Partner

A partnership with a top technology staffing agency in your area provides your organization with a robust supply of great developer candidates. Find a firm with both the experience and a great track record locally. This approach needs to be a part of any tech company’s staffing plan.

Are you looking to grow your IT team?

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