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There’s no denying that the high demand for technology professionals continues unabated. With hacking incidents regularly in the news, information security professionals are worth their weight in gold. But no matter the tech role your company needs, keeping your staffing expenditures low is important.

What follows are a few strategies aimed at making your tech staffing process more efficient and more productive. With an IT team the envy of the competition, expect your company’s bottom line to be more robust than ever.

Understanding the Laws of Supply and Demand

Be sure to analyze the IT positions that are the highest in demand in 2018. This helps your team formulate the right hiring strategies to reach the best candidates. Being prepared beforehand helps ensure you find the best talent without spending too much time and resources.

According to data from Stack Overflow, this year companies expect to be looking for tech pros experienced in the JavaScript framework, ReactJS. Other in-demand technologies include the virtual container tool, Docker, as well as more general skills, like system administration and QA. Of course, we previously talked about the need for IT professionals with cybersecurity skills and experience.

The Right Company Culture for attracting Talent

Fostering a welcoming company culture makes it easier to source talented technology professionals when needed. This includes offering perks attractive to all IT pros, like flexible work schedules and the ability to telecommute. Interesting project work and a focus on being active in your community provide another means at building the right office culture.

Remember, it is also more important to retain your valuable technology staff as opposed to sourcing new talent.

Retention, Retention, Retention

Speaking of retention, the cost of losing employees causes a big hit to any company’s productivity and bottom line. Simply consider the resources spent on finding, hiring, onboarding, and training any new employee. Boasting a company culture able to attract talent also helps keep your current staff in place.

IT professionals want to know their careers are on an upwards path. Extra benefits like tuition reimbursement and a well-considered training program let your team stay professionally satisfied. They also keep your organization’s staffing expenditures to a minimum.

In a competitive marketplace for technology talent, the smart businesses know how to find great candidates inexpensively while also retaining their current staff.

Are you looking for top IT talent, now?

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