The CERES Group celebrates 5 Years
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Small businesses account for 99% of employer firms in the US and the survival rate of a startup making it to 5 years is 50%.  The CERES Group is beating those odds and thriving with a planned focus on moving to the next growth phase of the firm.

Last year The CERES Group ranked 346th on the Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing companies but, how do you keep that momentum going?  David Belanger, President, plans to stay true to his original intention, “Creating an IT recruiting firm that treats people the way we want to be treated where creating and fostering relationships is a part of the culture not just talk.  The credibility of the practice is built on the cornerstones of trust, integrity, transparency and commitment.  This will never change.”

In the next five years David plans to scale with purpose by increasing internal staff, creating new vertical markets and expanding their domestic footprint.  The CERES Group spent the last year and a half investing in quality driven and scalable infrastructure, internal systems and marketing campaigns.  This will provide the opportunity for career development and advancement for current staff.

On the docket for this year is implementation of a candidate centric job board which is in the beginning stages of review and development.  2017 proved to be a busy year with a move to a larger office within the building on Federal St in Boston and the launch of an updated and expanded website.  New, original, and relevant content is published on the News and Information page as a resource library for IT job seekers and hiring managers looking for useful news and best practices.  Firm foundations are in place after five years in business and now a shift to expansion.

The growing library of testimonials from candidates and clients reflect the attention to details and time spent getting to know a candidate personally and professionally.  “For us, it’s a given that we go out of our way to be transparent and do whatever we can for our candidates and clients.  That is the norm for us and we try to improve on their experience every year.  We almost take it for granted.  I was truly humbled when the testimonials came in and more than a few candidates told us we literally changed the trajectory and quality of their lives.  We forget the positive impact we can have on an individual’s life in doing what we do.” said David, “It’s a great responsibility that we don’t take lightly.”

“IT recruiting is both a science and an art.” according to David, “Matching an individual’s career goals with a client’s objectives requires comprehensive knowledge of both.  Most important is the cultural alignment, that is what makes the placements sustainable for the long term.  I am grateful to have such capable staff who aren’t afraid to stretch their personal and professional capacities and continually meet our higher standards.  Their daily interactions are what sets us apart from other recruiting firms.”

CERES Managed Services continues to assist HR leaders develop customized solutions, MSP’s, RPO’s and payroll solutions specific to their objectives for a productive workforce now and in the future.

As The CERES Group celebrates its 5th year anniversary this March, it is clear the priority will always be on the people.  “Career spanning relationships with IT candidates, clients, and each other, where we give people what they deserve and never skimp is and will continue to be the pillar of our success.” David Belanger, President, The CERES Group.

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