Interview Tips to Get Hired in IT
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While a great résumé and personalized cover letter gets your foot in the door, the actual interview performance plays the biggest role in earning an IT job offer.

You need to be sufficiently prepared to impress the interviewers. Exuding confidence in your skills, experience, and fit for their open position greatly matters. What follows are a few interview tips to help you get a job offer for the tech job of your dreams. Use these insights and ideas to give the best performance possible. Soon, a great new position will be yours!

Review your own Work History and Technical Skill Set

It is important the details of your résumé stay at the forefront of your mind during the interview. Expect to be asked pointed questions on your professional history, especially the tangible impacts you made for previous employers. The interviewer probing into how your skill set matches the requirements of their open position is another good bet.

Being able to answer these questions – and their follow-ups – clearly and confidently plays a big role in your overall interview performance.

Research the Company in Question

Spend some time researching the company with whom you are interviewing. Chances are good you’ll get the opportunity to ask a question or two during the interview. Being able to show off your research with a meaningful query typically impresses the interviewer.

Interview Practice is Vital

Conducting a “dress rehearsal” for your interview helps you prepare for the real thing. Get a friend to ask you a few questions, especially some based on your work history and technical abilities. Concentrate on your performance, especially speaking clearly while making natural eye contact.

Your Dress and Personal Hygiene Matter

Of course, you need to dress professionally for your interview, even if the company maintains a casual dress code. Additionally, be sure to pay close attention to your personal hygiene on the big day. Spend some time in the mirror checking your appearance before leaving for the interview.

Body Language also Matters

Displaying a confident air during the interview also relates to your body language. Give a firm handshake, sit up straight in your chair, and pay attention to your eye contact throughout. Once again, speaking clearly and answering with confidence definitely helps you give the right impression.

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