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Collaboration and teamwork are the hallmarks of the modern information technology workplace. This basic fact is one of the reasons Agile and especially DevOps are so popular throughout the industry.

The days of the lone wolf software engineer handling the majority of an application’s development are long past. As such, most companies in this sector focus on team building to ensure the highest efficiency and productivity possible. With that in mind, let’s look more closely at few tips and activities to get your tech office working together like never before. The benefits to your company’s bottom line are numerous!

What are the benefits of DevOps trained professionals to your company?

Drive home the Importance of Listening

Listening is a vital soft skill for anyone working in the technology sector. It also plays an important role in fostering teamwork and collaboration. Here is a simple activity developed by a project manager to build listening skills amongst your staff.

Divide your team into pairs. Give each person an index card with one topic written on it. The first person gives a three minute talk on the topic; followed by the other person summarizing their talk in one minute. Once that is complete, switch the roles and repeat.

This activity trains your employees to stay attentive when someone else is taking during a meeting or even a conference. It also helps them learn better when attending a training course.

Foster an Emphasis on Open Communication

Strong communication lies at the heart of any productive technology team. Your employees need to feel comfortable about speaking up and offering their own potentially valuable insights. Leveraging the scrum model from Agile for daily meetings helps give everyone the chance to speak their mind.

In essence, open communication leads to better collaboration and ultimately, higher productivity.

Consider Embracing the Principles of DevOps

Many tech companies look to DevOps to make their software development process faster and more efficient. If going full-bore with DevOps doesn’t apply to your operations, consider using some of its collaborative principles. The ones that focus on building teams of cross-functional talent provide a great way to boost operational efficiency.

Whether using a few informal team building activities or a formalized adoption of DevOps, getting your team to collaborate better makes for a more efficient office. It is a differentiator between the top companies in IT and the also-rans.

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