Advanced Cybersecurity Risks
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It seems hackers are in the news on a daily basis. The more quickly information security professionals handle one incident, something else nefarious happens to a popular website or online financial service. Given the importance of eCommerce to our society, protecting technical assets from this scourge remains paramount at nearly all IT companies.

What follows are a few of the most advanced cybersecurity risks currently impacting the technology world. Your own organization and employees need to stay aware of these latest methods of cybercrime. The company’s assets and reputation within the industry are at risk!

AI-Powered Cyber Attacks

The thought of a bot using machine learning techniques to hack into a system strikes fear into the hearts of cybersecurity pros. Unfortunately, this is the new reality. A recent survey notes 91 percent of these tech pros worry about hackers using some form of AI in their next attack.

IoT Ransomware

Home automation and the Internet of Things continue to be considered a security risk. The story of the smart refrigerator sending thousands of spam emails still carries weight in the industry. Now, there is the new risk of criminals using a hacked IoT device to deliver ransomware to factories or even electrical grids.

Poor GDPR Compliance

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation; it essentially requires businesses to ensure their data remains protected from cybercriminals. Unfortunately, according to Forrester Research, 80 percent of all companies are expected to fail at compliance. Half of those organizations will do so willingly, holding the opinion that paying any fines is less expensive that actually protecting their data.

Slow Adoption of Multi-factor Authentication

The old-fashioned password sometimes fails to protect a system from cybercrime. Many businesses now require dual or multi-factor authentication in lieu of a simple password. Still, most companies are slow to require this more secure form of login, as they feel it provides a poor experience to their users. This slow adoption rate remains a cybersecurity risk.

The Number of state-sponsored Attacks are Growing

An increased number of state-sponsored cyber-attacks raises the stakes for anyone in the information security field. The motives for these foreign cybercriminals range from financial gain to influencing public opinion and election results. As such, government IT pros need to step up their game to sufficiently protect their data assets.

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