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Any technology pro relies on the Internet for a wide range of purposes. Building a professional network, finding a new job with a great company, or even learning new skills are all possible on the Web.

In fact, it makes one wonder how IT professionals survived without it in the previous century. What follows are a few of the top online resources for technology professionals. Keep this list handy for when you need to find a few like-minded pros or even a solution for a nagging problem on a project. Ultimately, it saves you time, while making you more productive.

MovingPackets.Net for the Network Engineer

If you are a network administrator or Cloud engineer, MovingPackets.Net needs to be bookmarked in your favorite web browser. Published by networking professional John Herbert, MP features a host of useful news and reviews related to this area of information technology. Herbert brings a humorous style to his writing, but he backs it up with strong technical acumen.

Herbert issues a disclaimer that everything posted on the site is his opinion. The popularity of MP among network pros is proof enough of the value of his insights. In fact, it made Veritech’s Best IT Blogs of 2018 list.

A “Toolbox” of IT Information and Resources

Toolbox is a genuine community covering a wide range of topics of interest to technology professionals. Following a crowdsourced model, Toolbox provides a great help when you need an answer to a technical problem related to IT. If you want to grow your network or even become a thought leader in the field, sign up for an account and start contributing.

TechNet for the Microsoft Tech Professional

If you specialize in the Microsoft technology stack, TechNet offers a great repository of information and insights for any product out of Redmond. It features a host of forums on specific tools and software, giving you an opportunity to network with others. Azure, Office 365, SQL Server, the .NET Framework, and more are all covered.

Tom’s IT Pro remains a Top Tech Resource

Providing insights on a wide range of topics for technology workers, Tom’s IT Pro belongs on your online resource short-list. Expect product reviews, buyers guides, certification information, as well as other valuable information. The website definitely offers great value to IT decision makers no matter their industry.

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