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Any business in the technology field needs to ensure their employees are able to succeed with the latest tools and tech innovations. Failure to keep up might to lead to the development of a skills gap.

If this happens, that organization is at a disadvantage when trying to compete in the modern business world. Let’s take a look at what IT disciplines are needed the most in Greater Boston and the New England region. Leverage these insights to ensure your company’s success (and your career) aren’t hampered by keeping those tech skills up to date.

The Technology Skills Gap continues to Grow

A recent survey indicates many companies suffer from difficulty finding candidates with the right tech skills. The problem is only getting worse across the country, and especially in Boston and New England. In fact, 57 percent of the larger companies in the survey feel the IT skills gap is growing.

In addition to difficulty competing, the survey also noted other negatives for businesses with a skills gap. These include an overall loss in productivity, a lower level of customer service, and most telling, damage to the company’s bottom line. In short, preventing a tech skills gap needs to be a focus of any business.

A Closer Look at Boston’s Tech Skills Gap

A recent LinkedIn Workforce Report provides some details as to the nature of the IT skills gap in Boston and the surrounding region. The report considers the skills gap factor to be the sum of the scarcity and abundance of skills. The region’s skills gap factor of 0.49 for February 2018 shows little change over the past year.

Certain IT skills remain in abundance in the area according to LinkedIn, such as IC design, embedded systems, and Linux administration. On the other hand, the scarcer tech skills include IT infrastructure management and Microsoft Windows systems administration. Naturally considering its Boston, medical and healthcare tech talent are also greatly in demand.

Overall, as Cloud adoption continues to grow, expect high demand for engineers experienced in this area. Additionally, the need for information security professionals remains critical. This isn’t a surprise considering the evolving battle against hackers and other cybercriminals.

Ultimately, understanding the nature of the Boston tech skills gap is vital whether you are looking for work or the talent to help your company succeed.

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