How to Resign
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There comes a time in your technology career when a great new opportunity arrives on your doorstep. You nail the interview and end up accepting the company’s subsequent job offer. Now, you need to inform your current employer about your impending resignation

Staying professional needs to be your focus. Here are a few tips for resigning from an IT job the right way. Leverage these insights to ensure you don’t burn any bridges. Remember, the technology community is small, and you never know when an old boss might become your new boss!

Give at least Two-Week Notice

Make sure to give your current employer two-week notice of your new employment elsewhere. This helps the transition process so their productivity isn’t hampered by your resignation. They may release you early; if so, take the opportunity to better prepare for your new position.

Help develop the Transition Plan

You know best when it comes to your current project load and responsibilities. Developing the outline of a transition plan definitely helps your boss manage things better. Simply offering a list of your recommendations on who is best able to take over your work shows you care.

Ask about Notifying your Coworkers

It is best to let your manager dictate a strategy for notifying your coworkers about your move. Absolutely don’t tell anyone at the company about your resignation until the boss gives you the go-ahead. This includes any friends outside the office who know people at your company. Keep that rumor mill from starting!

Keep your Work Level at its Highest

After you give notice, it is absolutely vital to maintain a high work level until your last day. This isn’t time for slacking off. Hopefully, your efforts will be spent getting those newly responsible for your project work sufficiently up to speed. Always stay productive, no matter the situation!

A Professional Approach is a Must

Other than giving sufficient notice, staying professional throughout remains the most important aspect of transitioning out of your current position. Remember what we said about the “small world” of the technology community. You want your current boss to give you a sterling recommendation in the future.

By following these tips, you ensure your career path continues on its upward trend.

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