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Despite the constant advancement of technology, the venerable business analyst still carries much importance in the IT world. The relevance of the position is arguably even higher in this era of Agile and DevOps.

Companies need employees with the ability to combine business acumen with the right amount of technical know-how. What follows is a high level overview of the business analyst role in the modern IT world. Understanding the average salaries for this job title also gives you a measure of insight on whether to ask for more pay from your boss, or potentially look elsewhere for a better opportunity.

Typical Salaries for a Business Analyst

Obviously, the salary you command as a business analyst depends on the area of the country where you work. For example, experienced BAs in the Bay Area enjoy a yearly pay rate of upwards of $94,000. Those with a similar role and experience level in the Midwest are paid up to $84,000 per year.

Analysts with valuable exposure to specific areas – especially in DevOps or continuous integration shops – are able to earn even higher annual salaries. Written and verbal communications skills are a must for business analysis. This includes the ability to author requirements and other related documents to support software development projects and similar technology initiatives.

Ultimately, understanding the latest technologies and methodologies used in the practice of software engineering positions you for a successful career as a business analyst. Remember this golden rule: an IT professional’s learning only ends on their retirement day.

The Latest Business Analyst Trends

Keeping abreast of the latest trends affecting the business analyst role is vital. One 2018 trend worthy of your attention involves the continued maturity of the Agile methodology. As more companies leverage Agile for their own projects, a collection of best practices is now available. Called the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), it lets organizations use Agile and related variants, like Lean, more efficiently.

Cloud Computing and mobile applications also continue to transform the business world. They add efficiency by offloading some IT functions in the case of the Cloud, while keeping mobile employees more connected and engaged. Increasingly, BAs are also taking on more project management functions; including the role of a Scrum Master on Agile projects.

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