Technology changing the financial industry
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A variety of emerging technologies are making banking and finance more efficient while offering hope for IT professionals looking to work in this business sector. Even something as simple as banking services delivered using a smartphone app requires a full team of developers, QA engineers and more.

Financial technology – known as FinTech – is truly an industry gamechanger. Let’s analyze how FinTech is disrupting the financial world in a positive manner. The latest trends offer opportunity for both development companies and their employees. Perhaps these insights raise your spirits at what’s possible through the right application of technology?

Is FinTech making the Bank Branch Obsolete?

According to a Bankrate Financial Security Index survey, 40 percent of Americans haven’t visited a bank branch in the last six months. This fact truly reveals how FinTech continues to change the entire industry. Increasingly, customers take advantage of emerging eCommerce technology for mobile banking and their other financial needs.

Needless to say, this creates an opportunity for technology professionals looking for a change in their careers. Experience with mobile development on the iOS and Android platforms definitely helps you find work. Additionally, exposure to any other financial application development projects looks good on a résumé.

Other Technology Trends impacting the Financial Industry

Blockchain is another obvious trend affecting the financial world. Essentially a peer to peer public ledger, blockchain leverages strong encryption keys to boost overall security. Cybersecurity threats are a major reason why this technology is rapidly going mainstream. Expect copious job opportunities in 2018 and beyond if you are experienced with blockchain or similar applications.  

Cryptocurrency is a related FinTech trend that depends on blockchain. Bitcoin and other forms of digital currency are becoming commonplace throughout the financial world. Expect development opportunities for software engineering firms and developers experienced with Bitcoin.

In short, if you or your development shop boasts experience with mobile development, information security, cryptocurrency, and digital ledgers, a financial industry evolving due to FinTech needs your talent. Expect this trend to continue for the next few years. It’s yet another example of how disruptive technology innovations actually bring an opportunity to grow your IT career.

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