B2B Growth A Daily Podcast with David Belanger Owner Operator
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David appears on an episode of B2B Growth to discuss transitioning from owner operator to putting the pillars in place to create a scalable growth strategy.

Listen to hear why a clear vision and mission is key to framing a strategy that allows a business owner to expand beyond the owner operator phase.  Good things happen when you work hard; but, how do you move from putting out all the daily fires involved in running a business to letting go of the need to control?  Defining The CERES Group’s core values gave everyone the ability to make decisions according to a consistent and never changing standard.  When everyone is working and making decisions according to the clearly defined company values, the firm has the ability to grow beyond anyone’s imagination.

Find out from David how receiving an award caused him to rethink how the business was going to move forward.   The journey and pitfalls of doing everything as an owner to empowering staff to use The CERES Group’s guiding principles.

Speak Visually. Create a Visme

If you would like to hear other business leaders and learn from their experiences, we encourage you to listen to B2B Growth podcast episodes.  David Belanger can be reached via email at  dbelanger@theceresgroup.com or call 857-254-9717.

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