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As the Web expands its footprint across society, it creates more opportunities for nefarious behavior from hackers and other cybercriminals. In fact, the smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) are poised to be the next battlegrounds in information security.

News about a hacked refrigerator sending spam emails is a case of this truth being stranger than fiction! What follows is a closer look at this important issue in the IT world. If your company already leverages the IoT, is your network secure? Ultimately, opportunities for organizations and professionals experienced in cybersecurity abound.

IoT Devices create a Significant Security Hole

Since it is still an emerging market, IoT devices sometimes lack the tight security necessary for the modern Internet era. This allows a portal into an organization’s entire network, making valuable customer and business data available to hackers. Industry pundits feel this area remains the biggest current security hole in information technology.

Companies in the IoT space continue to work diligently to secure their product lines. Still, many older devices are still in use, especially in the residential marketplace. Homeowners sometimes aren’t aware of the problems caused by unsecure Internet-enabled products.

Becoming Cybersecurity Aware is Vital

The problem with the Internet of things becomes exacerbated by the lack of understanding about cybersecurity among CEOs in the industry. Many firms simply ignore the issue until it is too late. Jacob Ginsberg, a senior director at Echoworx, commented on the reasons behind this attitude.

“The clear majority of enterprises remain completely reactive to cyber security, waiting until their reputation is in question or legislation forces them to act. Boards are run by committees, and security still doesn’t have a chair at the table – until it does, security will never get the attention it warrants,” said Ginsberg.

With Internet-enabled devices now at the heart of many vital systems in country – water, power, etc. – the stakes are simply higher compared to a stolen password or hacked web page. In fact, Gartner predicts 20 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. The IoT needs to be secured, now.

‘Organizations, and especially device vendors, need to plan for this change and start considering how to build a secure software development cycle,’ says Paul Curran, content specialist for Checkmarx. As noted earlier, this also creates a great opportunity for professionals and businesses experienced in information security.

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