top paying IT jobs for 2018 and 2019
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When working as a technology professional, you need to keep aware of the constantly changing industry. Making sure your career stays on an upwards trend requires a keen eye for knowing the hottest jobs in the field.

This helps ensure you get the right training and experience to be qualified for those top paying roles. With long-term career success in mind, here is a look at a few of the most lucrative positions in IT. Keep this information handy when it comes time to look for something new in your profession.

1. Executive Technology Management

Executive technology managers, including the CIO, CTO, CEO, VP, and director roles, naturally command the highest pay in IT. Their average annual salary for 2018 is slightly less than $137,000.

2. Systems Architect

Systems architects need to mix strong technical acumen with a sharp eye for business. Their average salary is around $135,000 per year.

3. Product Manager

With a combination of business, technical, and communications abilities, product managers fill a vital role in the industry. They command an average annual salary of $119,000.

4. Technical Architect or Strategist

Responsible for the long-term direction of technical projects, technical architects need to think both strategically and tactically. As such, they earn an average yearly salary of $118,000.

5. Project Manager

Project managers boast the mixture of people and technical skills necessary in the modern IT era. Their annual pay reflects this; coming in at $114,000 on average.

6. Software Engineer

Software engineers remain the lifeblood of the technology industry. Their average annual salary is near $106,000.

7. Database Administrator

DBAs still rank as one of the most important roles in IT, especially in an era of Big Data. They command an average annual salary of $103,000.

8. Applications Developer

App developers require strong coding skills as well as the empathy to understand what the user truly needs. Their yearly salary averages out to be $98,000.

9. Database Developer

Database developers need to understand SQL as well as the newer NoSQL languages. They earn around $97,000 each year.

10. QA Engineer

QA engineers remain an essential role in the technology industry; ensuring software gets released defect-free. Their average annual salary is $92,000.

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