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Working as a technology professional in today’s market requires a social media presence. Recruiters rely on LinkedIn and other platforms for the sourcing of quality candidates whenever they post an open position.

This fact makes it absolutely vital to create a top-notch social media account – especially on LinkedIn. What follows are a few tips and insights to help you craft a social media profile sure to attract tech recruiters. Leverage these ideas to keep your IT career on a track to success. Choosing between multiple job offers might be in your future?

Invest in a Professional Profile Photo

Just uploading any personal photo of yourself won’t suffice when it comes to a professional social media profile. Remember, this is the first impression you make on recruiters and potential employers. A great photo helps you stand out from the pack on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

If you don’t want to spend money on a professional headshot, enlisting a friend with a good eye for photography helps compared to just using a DIY approach. Make sure to dress professionally. Also, ensure the lighting is right and the background is uncluttered; take multiple photos and pick the best one.

Author a Meaningful Headline and Summary

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to write a catchy headline for your profile. Additionally, the summary section allows you to go into more detail similar to when writing a cover letter. Combining a meaningful career narrative in the summary with a headline sure to attract interest is a wise approach.

Most importantly, don’t just fill out a vague headline or a cursory summary. Make the effort to write something to help you get noticed.

Use the Hottest Technology Keywords

SEO is a real thing on LinkedIn, as recruiters search the network for the skills and experience they need to fill an open position. As such, pepper your profile with the hottest tech keywords matching your skill set and work history. This is another reason it’s important to keep your profile up to date as new skills are learned and experience is gained.

Watch your Personal Social Media Accounts

A professional LinkedIn account goes for naught if you don’t pay attention to the content on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. Remove any embarrassing posts and photos. Pay attention to your privacy settings as well!

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