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When entrepreneurs forge a new business – especially in the tech industry – it helps to be located in an area that fosters growth. The reasons for this are numerous, but access to great talent definitely ranks near the top of that list.

The greater Boston area is home to companies of all sizes, but is especially nurturing for startup organizations. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons Boston is a great place to start a new company. Everything from great universities to a talented workforce matters. Perhaps these insights inspire the entrepreneurial spirit inside of you?

5 Reasons Boston is Great for Startups

1) An Incubator of Technology Talent

One of the major reasons Boston remains a great place for startups is its large collection of excellent universities and colleges. This incubator of tech talent – highlighted by MIT – provides a robust source of new employees for all businesses, including startups. Nascent tech innovators especially matter to new firms in the constantly evolving financial sector.

2) Boston supports the Startup Community

Boston mayor, Marty Walsh is a strong supporter of the business startup community. The city joined with IBM in 2015 to create StartHub, an online community focused on emerging businesses in the region. Entrepreneurs are able to network with each other and share tips and other helpful pearls of wisdom.

3) The MassChallenge Business Accelerator Program

MassChallenge is a business accelerator program located in Boston. It provides startups with a variety of resources vital for a nascent organization. These new companies also compete to earn a share of a $1 million prize – money that definitely helps to bootstrap a new business.

4) Boston is a World Class City

Entrepreneurs from outside the county look at Boston as a world-class city perfect for starting a company. “Boston is a worldly city with a welcoming tech community; for B2B companies, it is the place to be. As a company with French heritage entering into the North American market, we feel that Boston offers the right mix of tech experts and advisors, venture firms, and the feel of a big city without the stress of a big city,” said Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder of the online marketplace Mirakl.

5) A Focus on Innovative Health Tech

In addition to supporting new fin tech innovations, Boston fosters startups in the healthcare sector. “Boston is still the place to be as a new medical technology. The human knowledge and resources in this city are amazing. If you need regulatory experience; it’s here. If you need world-class medical opinion; it’s here,” said Dan Beeler, the CTO of SyncThink.

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