onboarding new asset management customers
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Technology plays a big role as a customer experience differentiator between asset management companies. The most innovative organizations in the industry provide new clients with superior tech-driven features – and the right support.

It allows these firms to gain fresh customers while retaining the ones already in the fold. Let’s dive into the details on how tech makes a difference when onboarding new asset management customers. Perhaps these insights trigger an idea or two on how to improve your own company’s operations? Let this emerging financial industry technology show you the way!

4 Best Practices When You Onboard New Customers:

#1 Making a Great First Impression with a New Banking Customer

While new technology generally makes a difference in finance, it works best when paired with process redesign. In short, automating the onboarding of new customers helps little if the underlying processes still need reengineering. The poor process still happens, but more quickly with little to no benefit to the user.

Take advantage of any new tech procurement to reengineer everything involved with onboarding. Are all the current steps really necessary? Is there any way to reuse data or applications to shorten the overall process?

#2 Improve all Channels of Communication

Leverage how the latest tech helps your company improve communication with a new client. This includes everything from timely alerts and messaging, to easy-to-navigate online dashboards and mobile apps to help the customer better understand the process. It also helps new clients familiarize themselves with the company’s branding and design style.

#3 Providing Self-Service is Vital

The days of customers needing the help of a teller or other financial assistant continue to wane. Any asset management firm needs to focus on adopting new technology that makes it easier for clients to service their own banking needs. This includes any apps or systems used during the onboarding process. Encourage the new customer to explore and learn more about the other financial services your company provides.

#4 Pay Attention to Analytics

Analytics provides a host of data useful for identifying any bottlenecks and other issues with your onboarding process. Make sure the analysis of this information is an essential part of any reengineering. It’s an approach that makes the adoption of new technologies more effective in the long run. Expect happier customers as a result!

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