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When it comes to a vibrant IT career, there’s no denying this one simple fact: a robust professional network is essential. The advantages to building – and maintaining – a network of colleagues are numerous.

They provide advice and insight with everything from dealing with a difficult technical problem to providing news about an intriguing open position. Let’s dive into the details on why networking needs to be an important part of your career development activities. It truly helps keep your professional life trending upwards, whether you are fresh out of college or an industry veteran.

Keep your Professional Network Current

Any IT professional goes through a myriad of changes over the course of a lifelong career. New technologies become the hottest in the industry, only to wane in relevance over the next few years. As such, make sure you network with likeminded professionals working on the tools currently in your tech arsenal.

When it comes time to look for a new position or get a question answered, it’s better to query a network filled with IT pros familiar with the latest tools of the trade. In short, when your professional network stagnates, you need to get back out there and make new connections.  A diverse network, filled with a variety of people, brings a variety of new lessons and opportunities.

Position yourself as a Thought Leader in the Industry

Technology conferences are obviously a great place to network with other tech pros. Consider speaking at a conference to really put your networking efforts into overdrive. This is a great way to become a thought leader within the IT world.

If writing is another one of your strengths, publishing a blog related to the field is another great way to build your network. Also post your articles on LinkedIn for an additional networking boost. In addition to growing your network, expect job opportunities to become numerous.

A Valuable Resource throughout your Career

Ultimately, a professional network becomes a valuable resource throughout your career. If you need a mentor to help you succeed at a new management position, find one within your network. The same rule applies when you are considering going back to school for an advanced degree.

In essence, your network provides value that goes beyond getting an answer to a technical question or hearing about an open position. It keeps helps you stay active and engaged in the industry, with the added benefit of meeting many interesting professionals.

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