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Practically every IT professional becomes unemployed at least once before their retirement day – for a variety of reasons. The most important point involves being able to get back into the game when you need to.

What follows are a few tips and tricks on reentering the technology workforce after a period of unemployment. Leverage these insights to ensure your career stays on an upwards track. Soon, an excellent new IT job will be yours!

4 Ways To Get Back Into the IT Workforce

1. Learn a New Technical Skill (or Two!)

Continue to spend your unemployment time learning a new IT skill or two related to your career path. Maybe an online class on a virtual container tool like Docker makes sense? Both software engineers and network administrators benefit from this knowledge.

The ultimate point is to show you stayed busy during your time away from an office. Additionally, volunteering your services for a non-profit keeps those skills sharp for a good cause. It also helps to grow your professional network.

2. Sharpen your Social Network Presence

Take the time to freshen up your social media presence. Make sure your LinkedIn profile stays up to date. Consider publishing an article or two on the social network related to your professional experience and career goals. This is another way to improve your networking efforts; something that’s essential when getting back into the workforce after a sabbatical.

Also, be sure to pay attention to your privacy settings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and those other, less formal, social networks. Nearly all recruiters research candidates online, and you don’t want an embarrassing post or picture to hamper your efforts at finding new employment. Freshen up those profiles!

3. Earn a Technology Certification

Becoming certified in some of the skills on your résumé provides a great way to make any unemployment time as valuable as possible. Potential new employers want to see accomplishments during any time off. It’s also a great compliment to learning new technical skills.

4. Partner with an Experienced Technical Recruiter

Ultimately, a partnership with a top-notch IT recruiter helps you become employed again as quickly as possible. Recruiters are able to check your résumé while helping you devise a job search strategy sure to find a great position. They also know who’s hiring!

Are you looking to get back into the IT Industry?

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