Dev Ops and Security
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The velocity of today’s social media-driven economy puts the onus on companies to build immersive applications able to scale easily. Add on the growing need for information security, and that task simply becomes significantly more difficult. These two requirements continue to drive the adoption of DevOps in IT shops all over the world.

What follows is an analysis of why DevOps – or the DevSecOps variant – helps enterprises make their applications more secure in a world filled with hackers and other nefarious agents. Leverage these insights to build the best – and most secure – software possible.

3 Reasons DevOps is Key To Security

1. Integrate Security throughout the Development Cycle

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be functionality tacked onto an app at the end of its development cycle. Your team gets the best results by integrating information security algorithms throughout the SDLC. Additionally, security testing also needs to occur whenever code gets deployed to QA – not right before it goes live!

A recent study of enterprise CIOs reveals this practice isn’t always followed. Only 20 percent feel their cybersecurity efforts are sufficient, while just one-quarter expressed confidence in their security QA processes. Considering the bad publicity received by firms with newsworthy hacking incidents, this needs to change.

2. DevSecOps rapidly becoming a Best Practice in the Industry

Companies with public-facing applications increasingly look to the DevSecOps methodology as the means to ensure secure code gets deployed. Even companies already embracing DevOps are focusing more on security throughout the process. Cybersecurity must become a natural part of the cycle throughout design, coding, QA, and deployment.

Other organizations want to better integrate security into their SDLC – 91 percent according to the study – but are finding the road difficult. The reasons for this struggle include everything from incompatibility with current practices to a lack of understanding from senior management.

3. The Tangible Advantages gained from DevSecOps Implementation

The study noted three significant benefits gained by companies with mature DevSecOps practices. These include faster and more secure code deployments, an increased competitive advantage, and most importantly – a healthier bottom line.

In short, information security suffers when treated as a mere afterthought of the SDLC. It needs to be fully integrated into an enterprise’s software development process for the most successful outcome. Anything less is simply the wrong approach.

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