Interview Do's and Don'ts
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The venerable job interview remains the most important part of any job search. Sure, there are millions of posts telling you the best ways to prepare and perform during an interview.

Perhaps equally vital are those certain actions you need to avoid – some of them are even humorous. With a lighter take in mind, what follows is more or less an interview blooper reel. Consider re-reading this post right before heading over to the interview site to put you in the right frame of mind for success. Don’t worry, that perfect IT job is yours for the taking!

4 Interview Bloopers You Can Avoid

Watch for those College-era Tirades

Of course, mentioning your keg emptying skill isn’t the smartest answer when asked about interests outside of work. Ultimately, you need to focus on professionalism with all of your answers. This includes staying away from any college bar room tirades about sensitive subject matter, like politics, most social issues, and a former boss or coworker you didn’t like. Keep things positive!

You didn’t study for the Interview

Expect to be prompted to ask a meaningful question or two during the interview. Stumbling over this opportunity likely reveals to the interviewer that you didn’t do your homework. An insightful query about the company’s product line or project methodology is usually the right call.

This same rule applies to your own professional history. Make sure your experiences and technical skill set are at the forefront of your mind. Any hesitation when being asked about these areas just comes off poorly.

You didn’t arrive on time for the Interview

Never, never, NEVER show up late to an interview. The dog ate your directions doesn’t serve as a good excuse in the smartphone era. Your chances at a second interview or a job offer just flew out the window.

Don’t ignore your Professional Attire and Hygiene

One of the reasons a dress rehearsal for a job interview is a good idea is it lets you focus on your attire and hygiene. Even if the interviewer is a metal fan, they likely won’t appreciate your Opeth tour t-shirt – even worn underneath a suit jacket. Even if the company champions casual dress, professional attire is a must. Anything less is, well, uncivilized. You likely won’t get a job offer, either.

Looking for a job?

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