2019 Tech Trends
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The one constant in the technology industry remains its rapid rate of change. What were the hottest technologies a decade ago sometimes end up on the scrap heap of the current IT world.

It is vital for technology managers to stay abreast of the modern market to ensure they stay poised and able to find tech professionals experienced in these areas. What follows is a look at a few of the predicted top technology trends for 2019. Sourcing the right talent with the right experience takes a measure of forethought. Leverage these insights to best position your company for another round of change.

Cloud Adoption continues to Grow

It seems “the Cloud” has been a technology buzzword for years. There’s no denying its large impact throughout the IT world. Companies continue to derive cost savings and operational efficiencies by migrating some or all of their tech operations to a Cloud service provider.

This trend is expected to stay dominant in 2019 and beyond. SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS offerings let companies of all sizes use Cloud-based applications as well as Cloud-hosted technical infrastructure and platforms. In short, businesses continue to see the advantages gained from letting IT experts handle their technology assets.

Two other 2019 tech trends also relate to the Cloud. Naturally, information security on Cloud platforms is also growing in importance, especially in the wake of the GDPR in Europe. Financial services companies – given the extra level of security required for their data – also look at hybrid Cloud solutions to better manage this data security.

Sourcing IT Talent Experienced in Information Security on the Cloud

Finding tech professionals experienced in cybersecurity continues to be difficult for companies in all industries, but especially at financial organizations. This need becomes acute for organizations using hybrid clouds because of risk management and compliance issues. In this situation, some data and applications still need to be kept in-house.

Ultimately, financial information security isn’t a business function easily outsourced to a Cloud provider. As such, businesses across the industry are ramping up their staffing efforts in this area. It’s important to find candidates with the right blend of experience in cybersecurity and financial industry regulatory compliance.

Financial firms also need to look at temporary contracts as one means to close an info security skills gap. Additionally, providing current employees with the right training to improve their cybersecurity skills is another wise strategy.

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