Number one hiring problem
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When managing a technology staffing process, the final hiring decision needs to be the right one. Of course, this seems pretty obvious, but it bears repeating considering the time and resources spent trying to find IT talent.

The key word in that last sentence is time, as making a quick choice between candidates ultimately helps ensure your company gets its first pick.

In fact, taking too much time when deciding on a candidate just might the biggest mistake in any hiring process. This especially rings true in today’s competitive environment for the top technology talent. Let’s take a closer look.

How To Speed Up And Ensure the Success Of Hiring

1) Keep Candidates Engaged Throughout the Hiring Process

It is vital to keep your candidates in the loop, especially after interviewing them. A recent HR company survey noted nearly a quarter of candidates lose interest in a company if they don’t hear back within a week of the interview. That percentage increases to one-half after two weeks.

In short, keeping interviewees engaged and in contact is essential. Imagine deciding on a perfect person two weeks after the interview and finding out your top competitor hired them last week. Hopefully, your second choice is still available.

2) Accurate Job Descriptions make Staffing More Efficient

When your company needs to interview a hoard of tech professionals, it becomes difficult to finish everything on time. Create focused job descriptions with sharply-defined skills to limit the number of résumés your HR team needs to vet. Only choose the top four or five for interviews.

This approach makes the entire process more efficient. You are able to make a final decision before candidates lose interest. This is an essential aspect of making sure your chosen hire is still available.

3) Leverage a Partnership with a Top Notch IT Staffing Agency

Ultimately, forging a partnership with a top technical staffing agency in your area helps your company get the most out of its staffing investment. They can help you craft a great job description, while also performing the initial vetting of candidates. This lets your team focus on interviewing the best people, and quickly making the right decision.

A great staffing agency helps ensure your company hires the most qualified candidates before your competition even gets the chance to interview them.

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