HR IT Talent Trends Helping Business Grow
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Success in an increasingly competitive business world largely depends on employing a group of talented and technically-aware employees. Finding, hiring, and retaining this tech talent requires a well-considered approach leveraging multiple approaches and sources of candidates.

Additionally, firms need to focus on building the kind of company culture attractive to the modern IT employee. Here are a few emerging technical staffing trends of interest to your organization’s management and HR team. Consider these ideas when formulating the company’s hiring plan for 2019 and beyond. Rest assured your competition is likely doing the same thing.

4 Ways Companies Are Finding Top Tech Talent

1. Temporary Staffing becoming more Popular

Companies in most business sectors are using more contract employees for a variety of reasons. One advantage of this approach involves greater cost certainty when it comes to creating a staffing budget. Temp workers are also a great way to quickly close a technology skills gap.

Trying out a contract employee on a temporary basis also works well as an audition in case a full employment offer is being considered.

2. Statement of Work (SOW) for Bulk Staffing Options

Financial services organizations increasingly look to vendors that offer Statement of Work (SOW) staffing options. This lets these firms simultaneously onboard a group of consultants from a single vendor. Cost savings is one reason for taking this approach.

It also makes sense if the vendor specializes in a certain technology area in demand at the company. Additionally, companies use SOW staffing to complete projects with sharply-defined timelines.

3. Additional Training for your Current Staff

When encountering difficulty sourcing tech talent, some organizations simply upgrade their own training programs. “Upskilling” your current staff pays dividends when it comes to improving employee morale and your retention rate. This tactic is especially useful for adding emerging technology skills to the company toolbox.

4. A Partnership with an Experienced Technical Staffing Agency

Ultimately, partnering with a top notch IT staffing agency in your region needs to be a part of any company’s hiring strategy. The best employment firms also supply candidates willing to work on a temporary basis. They also understand the hottest technologies impacting the marketplace both now and in the future.

In short, forging a partnership with a great tech staffing firm in your city simply makes perfect sense!

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