Companies Influencing IT Careers
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Companies continue to ramp up their technology investments all over the business world. This includes equipment, Cloud services, software, as well as hiring more IT professionals.

If you are hoping for a change in your tech career, it helps to understand the skills you need to match what these organizations need. Let’s look more closely at where businesses are focusing at with their technology expenditures. Perhaps this investment effort dovetails nicely with the hopes and dreams of your IT career? Read more to find out the details.

The Financial Industry leads the Way in Technology Investments

The growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is just one of the things driving tech investing in the financial industry. This has traditionally been the case in financial services, as IT remains a large competitive differentiator in this business sector. In fact, some CEOs in finance consider their organizations essentially to be technology companies.

If you are interested in working in fin tech, understand that some of the larger firms’ technology talent already accounts for nearly 25 to 30 percent of their overall employee count. Needless to say, this additional investment is expected to create a copious number of job opportunities for experienced professionals.

Ultimately, adding machine learning, data analysis, and blockchain skills to your portfolio definitely makes you more attractive to these companies. Keep this in mind when it comes to additional training and certification classes.

Improved Customer Service is One Factor driving the Tech Boom

Providing an improved customer service experience is one reason companies in many business sectors are investing more in technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being leveraged to build enhanced chatbots able to truly figure out what a customer needs. AI is also seeing wide use in applications used to trade stocks and securities.

Mobile technology is another area seeing large investments throughout the business world. Smartphone apps are used for everything from banking to real estate to eCommerce. In fact, some customers choose a business based on the availability and ultimate quality of their mobile applications.

This means mobile application developers experienced building apps on the Android and iOS platforms are currently worth their weight in gold. Consider adding these skills to your toolbox to improve your chances at a great new job.

Are you looking for the next step in your IT career?

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