IT Jobs in High Demand
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Keeping your technology career on an upwards path requires paying close attention to the twists and turns of an ever-changing IT industry. Certain in-demand positions a decade ago are likely yesterday’s news in the current job market.

Staying aware of the trends of the tech world is an essential part of forging a rewarding career that lasts until your retirement day. With an eye towards keeping abreast of the modern tech job market, let’s take a closer look at four IT positions currently in great demand. Leverage these insights in case you need to change your career path for continued success.

4 IT Jobs In High Demand

1) Data Scientists making Sense of Massive Amounts of Information

The data scientist remains one of the most in-demand IT roles in a variety of business sectors. They help companies wean actionable information from the masses of Big Data captured by these firms. The job requires a unique mix of technical and math chops along with a dose of business acumen.

Other data-related roles companies need include data architects, data analysts, and business intelligence (BI) engineers. If you enjoy working with data, explore training courses in this area.

2) Business Analysts remain in Demand

Business analysts remain an essential part of many company’s IT organizations. This status hasn’t changed for decades. As companies continue to migrate to the Cloud and embrace Agile, the BA’s mix of technical know-how and business smarts proves to be invaluable.

3) Software Development Talent appears to be always Needed

Experienced software engineers continue to be one of the most in-demand roles in the technology world. In the current market, developers with exposure to blockchain, AI, information security, DevOps, and mobile app programming are especially needed. If you are a programmer, keeping your skill set up to date helps ensure a successful career.

4) Web User Interface Designers and Developers

With eCommerce still seeing exceptional growth, web developers and UI/UX designers are needed in a variety of industries. The ability to craft user interfaces that work well on both a desktop and a smartphone is a plus. The demand for web talent in financial institutions continues unabated, as these companies invest in building intuitive web applications for online banking and securities trading.

Are you looking to move your IT career forward?

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