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When considering a change to your tech career, understanding the hottest skills in the current market is vital. This helps you tailor a strategy to ensure success in your job search efforts, while also preventing the development of an IT skills gap.

It matters because successfully competing in the dynamic technical job market becomes more difficult without a robust skill set. Let’s take a closer look at what tech skills are currently in demand across all business sectors. Remember, what was hot a few years ago may not be the case in the current market. This constant change remains one of the hallmarks of the technology world.

What IT Skills Are Companies Looking For?

Modern Project Management Skills

Experienced technical project managers are in demand throughout the business world. This is especially true of PMs who boast management skills using either Agile and/or Scrum. Companies continue to adopt Agile – as well as DevOps – in the hopes of making the software development process more efficient and productive. As such, they need managers well-versed in these modern project management methodologies.

In a similar manner, business analysts and software developers with a background working on Agile projects are also in demand.

The Java Programming Language remains in Demand

Despite being popular for over two decades, software engineers with skills in the Java programming language are still needed. Java gets used in many large web application projects. Additionally, its status as the official language for the Android platform makes it a requirement for many mobile app projects.

 Mobile Application Development Experience

Speaking of mobile application development, companies need developers experienced in building apps for both the Android and iOS platforms. Once again, Java skills are a must for Android app development. On iOS however, Objective-C and Swift are the languages of choice, with the latter growing in popularity because of its relative simplicity.

The Cloud permeates the Entire IT Industry

Experience in Cloud-based applications or database engineers still matters in the IT world. Companies leverage the Cloud for a variety of reasons – everything from cost savings to the ability to focus on running core business operations as opposed to an on-premises data center. Businesses continue to look for excellent tech pros with that boast extensive experience in Cloud computing.

Keep these skill sets in mind when deciding on training or earning a certification.

Are you looking for the next step in your tech career?

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